Wine Club: Dear Green Truck sauvignon blanc,


It’s no secret: We love food. And we also love it’s near and dear cousin, wine. So we’re starting an unofficial wine club: the Dear Food Wine Club.

We’re hardly connoisseurs, but we staunchly believe that you don’t have to be one to enjoy it. Besides, who hasn’t ever picked up a bottle solely based on its pretty label? So join us as we stumble through the world of wines and confess our love for it along the way.

I begin with Green Truck sauvignon blanc. While I generally prefer reds, I picked this up to go with Natalie’s delectable pasta – basically on the principle that white sauces and meats go with white wines. Granted, no actual sauce or meat here, but it’s been so humid in Lawrence that a red just wouldn’t fit.

This was refreshing, light and fruity which – I thought – clicked perfectly with the lemon and pine nuts in the pasta.

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