Thinking-Out-Loud Thursday: Chocolate and…?

When did summer begin? June 21st, no? Just a week around the corner, and yet the barbeques have been set aflame and s’mores already toasting over fires. ‘Tis the season indeed, and on behalf of Dear Food Girls, cheers!

Let’s chat fruit, shall we. The stuff works hard all year ’round, but doesn’t it just light up your life? Biting into the juices of a strawberry in the summer noon is far more appealing than in the icy breath of winter. Melons, tropical fruits, berries up and down the alphabet, it all just works in the summer time.

Plus, let’s be honest, they’re at their most versatile in the summer as well. Cakes, cobblers, pies – what can’t you put fruit in? So I did some pondering on a warm afternoon and decided to pose a question: what about fruit and chocolate?

First myth debunked, they go together just as well as any other compliment to chocolate, the stuff of gods. Especially the seasonal treat of chocolate covered strawberries; the dunk, the bite, the joy. But can we keep going? Can we keep pushing boundaries?


Thinking aloud, chocolate and orange is common in my family during Christmas time when slices of dark and orange are segmented as an ode to the citrus fruit. Blueberries and white chocolate waved through the center of a cheesecake is most welcome any time of the year. And for an especially unusual one, I was once served for dessert a slice of pineapple with whipped cream, a cherry, and milk chocolate sauce drizzled across the plate. Crazy? Try genius!

All this said, we need some feedback from our readers: what are your favorite fruit-and-chocolate combos? And not just favorites, things we haven’t thought before! Grapes and white? Papaya and dark? We want to hear from you! Also, give us the lowdown on some summertime recipes! The times aren’t cooling down, and our craving for sweet treats isn’t going anywhere either.

The two great loves of my life are the movies and food; you can't take those away from me. Growing up in Oregon, where the hammering rain can't help but lead you inside great restaurants and venues, I've picked up a fine appreciation for these pieces of beauty and art, and how to give and get those along life's way. Through a life of pictures and dishes, my only wish is to be able to share with any and all my insights, misadventures, and fortunes.