Make Your Own Kombucha p. 3: Alternate Kombucha Flavors


One of my favorite parts about making kombucha (and all fermented foods) is the experimental aspect. You can try whatever you want and if it doesn’t work, well, better luck next time? Kombucha lends itself especially well to experimentation because you’ve got all those extra SCOBYs to use up. 

As I am an Official Experimental Kombucha Making Veteran (not really, but roll with it), I present three kombucha variations that have worked out really well for me. Give it a try! 

Make Your Own Kombucha For Cheap

Image via Omar de Armas

Kombucha fermenting. Image via Omar de Armas

This is a golden age of kombucha. It seems that every time I go to the supermarket, a new brand of kombucha has cropped up. It’s a wonder people can keep coming up with clever names for their brands!

Unfortunately, at around $3 a pop, kombucha can be expensive if you drink it regularly. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying kombucha–it’s easy (and cheap!) to make yourself.