Sourdough Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

A tasty-looking homemade pizza courtesy of Food Recipes (follow the link for an alternate pizza crust recipe!)

A tasty-looking homemade pizza courtesy of Food Recipes (follow the link for an alternate pizza crust recipe!)

I know, I know: pizza gets a terrible rap in America. It’s a big ol’ disk of greasy cheese and possibly a meat-like substance that your parents got when they didn’t want to cook dinner that night. Or what your high school or college got in order to lure unsuspecting students to an event. You can get good pizza, but it involves going to a restaurant somewhere and spending a bit more than you probably want because it’s a pizza for crying out loud  (this is not to say that pizza from fancy restaurants is not delicious–we just have a stigma). And don’t even get me started on the whole “artisanal” pizza thing.  

But I have seen the light.  Today, I am here today as a pizza-missionary, seeking to cure our starved pizza-culture. Believe it or not, you can make good pizza at home. I am by no means a pizza-expert–nay, merely an amateur–but I have learned this: it all starts with the crust. 

Dear pizza bagel lunch,

When pizza's on a bagel...

When pizza’s on a bagel… Photo/Alma Bahman

Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time.

You make me want to sing the song all day long. I risk dating myself here, but nothing is more nostalgic than you, pizza bagels. You take me back, way back. I’m a kid again, and my most important job in life is running around as fast as I can, coming up with as many new games as I can, and of course, eating pizza bagels (better known as Bagel Bites).

Dear Brussels sprout pizza,

Brussels sprout pizza from Bon Appetit

Brussels sprout pizza recipe from Bon Appetit

An ode to Natalie - Brussels sprouts on a pizza

An ode to Natalie – Brussels sprouts on a pizza

I must admit, I subscribe to Bon Appetit mostly for the amazing photography – and sometimes, reading about preparing a delicious roast makes me feel this much closer to having actually done it. Mostly, I don’t feel apt to prepare such lovely dishes, but once in a while, I come across something too fun to pass up.

Pizza. With Brussels sprouts. And the extra bonus: Natalie is a Brussels sprout aficionado. What better way to honor her than making something with this severely underrated cabbage-like delight? True, it hardly compares to something she would have whipped up, but I must say, I quite enjoyed my foray into pizza-dom.

And really, how can you mess up something with bacon on it?


Dear Shakespeare’s Pizza,

Veggie pizza from Shakespeare's PIzza

Veggie pizza from Shakespeare’s Pizza

They tell me this is where all the University of Missouri students hang out. I can now see why. This pizza is pretty darn good. Fresh by the slice or an easy wait for your own pie, Shakespeare’s Pizza does what it does deliciously well. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with vintage, laundromat signs.

Kinda sad that I was only here for a day-long conference for work, otherwise, I would have loved to see what other pizza delights you have to offer.


Farmers’ Market Pizza

Dear Lawrence Farmers’ Market,

It may be early in the season, but you have just the right ingredients to prepare a spring-fresh pizza. Wild mushrooms, green garlic, spinach, asparagus and fresh rosemary are the elements that compose a pizza of the gods. Lest I forget the ancient wheat used to make a homemade crust. Oh my soul. Let’s live together in happiness and bliss forever and ever.



A Pizza Lover