Stroud's in Kansas City

Dear Food Getaway: Kansas City (and Lawrence)

About a month ago I journeyed north to my former home Kansas to visit my girlfriends. I am a big fan of the Kansas City food scene and was pleased to find little Lawrence had added a few new haunts for me to become acquainted with. 

The first thing anyone should know when visiting Kansas City is that you’re going to eat BBQ—a lot of it—and you’re going to order the ribs. Those are the rules and you must follow them. Everyone has their favorite spot, but my favorite BBQ in all the land is Joe’s Kansas City (formerly Oklahoma Joe’s, RIP sweet angel). I’ve eaten a lot of BBQ in my time. I’ve had it from most regions of the country. I live in a BBQ mecca. But nothing can keep me from my love of KC BBQ (but Texas brisket is a close second). That’s why my first stop on my weekend getaway had to be Joe’s. And we got the ribs. OH, and it’s absolutely sacrilegious if you don’t order the fries. But share them. And if you don’t order an extra side of bread we’re in a fight. This is how you do Joe’s Kansas City; don’t argue.