Farmers’ Market Pizza

Dear Lawrence Farmers’ Market,

It may be early in the season, but you have just the right ingredients to prepare a spring-fresh pizza. Wild mushrooms, green garlic, spinach, asparagus and fresh rosemary are the elements that compose a pizza of the gods. Lest I forget the ancient wheat used to make a homemade crust. Oh my soul. Let’s live together in happiness and bliss forever and ever.



A Pizza Lover

Downtown Lawrence Farmer’s Market

There’s nothing more fun than a farmer’s market, especially a Kansas one where the actual farms are pretty close by. Living on the coast of Southern California meant the farms were a long ways away – granted, it was still better than the distances most imported food travels.

But the joy of chatting with the people who grow and sell your food is something else.

It was a chilly day but people came out for the first weekend of the year to check out some produce, walk their dogs and sip delicious (and potent) coffee. I made away with some local honey and sachets of lavender, but it was the coffee, breakfast burrito and maple bacon donuts that were the highlight of the market.