Dear Le Monde Bakery,


Sometimes all you want is a croissant, a hot cup of coffee, and the newspaper. This is actually what I want all the time. Le Monde Bakery answered my siren call for a French breakfast in the Midwest. Since leaving Chicago I’ve been searching far and wide for a ham and cheese croissant that was even half as good as Bennison’s. Though it may not be down the street from my house, Le Monde is worth the trek. The buttery croissant, smokey ham and melty cheese are the true ingredients of ambrosia. I’m telling you…this is it guys…the breakfast of the gods.

Dear Parisien Eggs Benedict,

Eggs Benedict

It’s a travesty that all eggs benedict do not come atop a croissant. A crime, actually. La Madeleine must have read my mind because truth is, I’ve been dreaming of a breakfast this perfect since I could speak. Usually, ordering eggs benedict means two out of three things will be good: the egg, the hollandaise sauce, the toast or muffin it comes on. Lucky for me (and the world), La Madeleine gets all three right. The eggs were poached just right, the hollandaise sauce perfectly creamy and lemony, and the croissant…ohhhh the croissant. So flaky. So buttery. It was made for eggs benedict. And this eggs benedict was made for me. If you’re lucky enough to be in the vicinity of this cafe, you can’t get there fast enough. Run to the eggs benedict. Run! And then bring me an order.