Concerning Homemade Almond Milk and the Byproducts Thereof: Almond Pulp Cookies!

Pictured: four out of eight cookies (I ate the rest...)

Pictured: four out of eight cookies (I ate the rest…)

When I need milk I make my own almond milk because, as I’m sure that most people know by now, adult humans really shouldn’t be drinking milk. Store bought dairy-free milks aren’t really an option either because they normally have an emulsifier and thickener called carrageenan, which likely causes such wonderful effects as “inflammation, gut irritation, and even cancer.” 

The problem with almond milk is once you go through the process of grinding up the almonds in a blender and filtering out the liquid (here is a recipe if you’d like to know more), you wind up with a ton of leftover almond pulp that you have to either toss or dry out and store somehow and hope it doesn’t get moldy.

Or you could use it as an excuse to make cookies!