In pursuit of adjectives

Words to use more often: Found it on Pinterest

Words to use more often: Found it on Pinterest

Words are my life. The minute differences matter to me (particularly if they’re used improperly). And since starting this blog, I find I’m asking myself the same question over and over again: “What’s another word for ‘delicious’?”

Adjectives matter, particularly for food. ‘Yummy’ and ‘so good’ only go so far. Rather, they’re just vaguely positive and that hardly does justice to most dishes. A peanut butter sandwich is good. A bowl of soup is yummy. But warm, just-ground nut butter made from organic, honey-roasted peanuts between two slices of freshly-baked, toasted wheat bread is more than just good. A beautiful bowl of farm-raised, roasted chicken in hot broth with not-too-crunchy-not-too-mushy carrots, fresh noodles and delightful seasoning is more than just yummy.

But sometimes, all you can think is, “Oh man, that’s delicious.” The challenge is finding those perfect adjectives when you need them and I find myself on a constant hunt for them. So in case anyone else finds himself in need for a slightly more inspired word for a dish, I started a list (add your suggestions, too!).

  • appetizing
  • delectable
  • distinctive
  • divine
  • enjoyable
  • enticing
  • exquisite
  • excellent
  • heavenly
  • luscious (also succulent, lush, juicy)
  • piquant (also spicy, tangy, peppery, hot)
  • pleasant
  • rich (also creamy, heavy, full-flavored, fatty)
  • savory
  • sweet
  • tasty
  • tempting
  • yummy

Alma is a journalist by trade, living and working in Chicago while staying true to her tree-hugging spirit, L.A. spirit. Favorite pastimes include watching great television, listening to fantastic podcasts and daydreaming about writing a novel. Favorite foods run the gamut from sweet to salty to savory to eggs Benedict. And chocolate. Especially chocolate.