Dear Hard Eight BBQ Brisket Sandwich,

I’m fairly certain that BBQ is my spirit animal. I can never get enough. Despite spending a whole weekend in Kansas City eating all the ribs, despite the fact that I brought a healthy lunch to work, despite that I’m probably going to eat BBQ again this weekend, I cannot (will not!) turn away BBQ. Not now not ever. As you can see, this is one effing beautiful brisket sandwich. And it comes from none other than the storied Hard Eight BBQ. Hard Eight is consistently in the running for the coveted “Best BBQ in DFW” title and for good reason.

My dear readers, let me make something very clear. I do not take BBQ lightly. I’m not afraid to turn my nose up at a BBQ joint deemed “the best.” I’ve been burned a number of times in this town and honestly, have started losing hope in Texas BBQ (I’m a KC BBQ kind of gal). Until this afternoon, that is. Just as I was about to lower my expectations for Texas BBQ, this beautiful SOB redeems it. I now have faith that there do exist serious BBQ joints in the metroplex.

I have a trip planned to Pecan Lodge in a week and a half with darling Alma, and you can be sure we’ll report back our findings. But for now, I’m going to say it: Hard Eight BBQ houses the best brisket sandwich I’ve ever had. So much so that when someone offered me a piece of gum after lunch I declined so I could hold on to this aftertaste just a little longer. You say gross. I say devotion.

Hard Eight BBQ brisket sandwich


Natalie is a Pacific Northwest native but has lived in Chicago, Kansas and now Dallas. When she's not daydreaming about her next meal, her favorite activities include: reading all the books, binging on Netflix, adding too much butter to every recipe, and thinking of ways to spend summers in Tuscany.