Four donuts in a box

Dear Donut Kitchen in McKinney, TX,

Four donuts in a box

Last night I decided I would get myself up out of bed early on Friday morning to try McKinney’s newest and most-popular-right-now donut shop, The Donut Kitchen. Reviews said they sell out of donuts real quick, so I set my alarm for 6:30 with the intention of being one of the first there. Well I hit the snooze a couple times and rolled up pajama clad at 7:18 a.m. By the time I arrived, a gentleman had already walked in with a $100 bill and said “gimme all the donuts this will buy.” But they were replenishing the supply quickly, lucky for me.

What I was expecting: Be slapped in the face with the familiar donut shop smell of greasy fried bread and bad coffee.

What I found: An incredibly sleek, modern and delicious smelling boutique donut bakery with all the flavors I’ve ever dreamed of (Italian wedding cake?? Texas sheet cake?? Maple bacon?? Banana cream pie??). A man I presume to be an owner or one of the bakers said “Yeah we almost spelled it doughnut,” to which I of course responded “How pretentious of you!”

Donut-Kitchen-3But speaking of that, why is it that donut and doughnut have completely different perceptions? When I’m scrolling through Yelp wondering where I’m going to get my dose of sugary dough fried in oil and drizzled with more sugar and sprinkles, I immediately associate “donut” with greasy products that come in white bags and leave my car smelling like a fry house for 2 days. But “doughnut” I think well of course they’re made from hand-kneaded brioche dough and have all kinds of interesting glazes and toppings and they’ll cost $3 each and most importantly they’ll come in a brown box with some kind of vintage stamp on the top. I wonder how that all came to be…..

Back to The Donut Kitchen. To my pleasant surprise the donuts DID come in the cute box with the stamp, but the donuts themselves were 0% pretentious and 100% delicious. They were cakey and pillowy, if that’s even a thing. I wouldn’t exactly describe them as “cake” donuts because when I think of cake donuts, I think of those dry circle things that come in a case at the grocery store. These were soft and melted in my mouth, but had enough substance to be dunked in coffee, if that’s your thing.

Donut-Kitchen-2I took home four donuts to try (no I didn’t eat them all in one sitting OKAY): Italian Wedding Cake, M&M, Chocolate Sprinkle and Blueberry. And almost as important as the donuts themselves, is the coffee, so I took a cup of that home, too.

I really couldn’t tell you which one I liked best. They were all the best in their own right. Just depends on what you’re in the mood for. Next time I’ll try Texas Sheet Cake and Maple Bacon.

In addition to donuts, they also serve breakfast sandwiches (on croissant buns!), kolache, and lunch items.

If you love donuts or doughnuts or just darn good pastry, get thee to The Donut Kitchen in McKinney, TX, at Stonebridge Ranch and enjoy this new addition to our community. Hopefully more wonderful places like this will open up soon!

The Donut Kitchen
7250 Virginia Parkway, Suite 140
McKinney, Texas 75071
(214) 592-0088


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