Delicious Ramen From Scratch


Having successfully and single-handedly dispelled the myth that college students live off of ramen, I have a confession to make: I straight up love ramen. I haven’t had any store-bought noodles for a long while because they’re really not healthy, but they’re so warm and salty it’s hard to resist.

So, naturally, I have been looking for homemade ramen recipes to replace the prepackaged stuff while still getting my noodle fix. After months of searching and many failed attempts, I have finally found it. 

The secret, as it turns out, is baking soda. Traditionally, ramen is made with lye water. But for those of us who don’t have easy access to lye, baking soda is a good substitute. As opposed to earlier attempts where my noodles basically disintegrated, these noodles were chewy and didn’t fall apart.

Get this: not only did the noodles stick together, they were even kinky–just like the prepackaged stuff! I don’t know how it works. Obviously some sort of baking soda witchcraft is involved.

Head over here to view the noodle recipe. I made a few changes because as we all know, recipes are merely very loose suggestions (read: I am too cheap and/or lazy to get the right ingredients). I don’t normally have eggs on hand so I substituted flax seeds (1 Tbs flax seeds + 3 Tbs boiling water = 1 egg) and I used all purpose flour instead of bread flour. 

If you have a pasta maker, this recipe takes hardly any time at all to make (aside from time for the dough to rest). If you don’t, well, it’ll take a little longer. However, once cut the dough doesn’t stick together which makes the task approximately a million times easier to manage. 

I dressed my noodles up with sautéed mushrooms, spinach and ginger with a spicy yellow miso sauce, which I highly recommend. But noodles are like a blank canvas upon which one can paint a beautiful, and unique, painting. There are many delicious dishes to be made with good noodles.

Bianca is an almost-graduate of George Fox University. She is an amateur mycologist, fermento and pepperhead, and she could really go for a cup of coffee right about now.