Front of Yolk Dallas

Dear Yolk Dallas,

For any ex-Chicagoan living in Dallas, the thought of a Yolk in our very own town is almost more than we can handle. I saw Yolk being built at One Arts Plaza a few months ago but foolishly forgot about it. Then Mr. G reminded me of it this week and we promptly made plans to taste the inaugural weekend brunch this past Sunday.

Front of Yolk Dallas

I had an incredibly tough choice deciding what to order. I studied the menu well before I arrived (I just can’t help myself) but when we walked into the restaurant I was still at a loss for what I would order. Then as we were walking to our table, the waiter brought out the most beautiful chicken and waffles and I had to have it!

Chicken and waffles at Yolk

See those specks? THAT’S BACON. A bacon bits waffle. With a piece of fried chicken on top. With sausage gravy on that. And the syrup. Oh, and lest we forget the orange slice. You know, for health. Let’s get a look at it with the syrup.

Chicken and waffles with syrup at Yolk.

Can. you. see. that. Now that is just good old fashioned table syrup. For an additional charge I could have had real Vermont maple syrup and that’s exactly what I’ll do next time. That would have really brought this thing home. This waffle was so fluffy, so crisp on the outside, so pillowy that it was the only vehicle fried chicken should ever be delivered in. A throne for the chicken if you will. The waffle alone was great and the chicken alone was great. But together. OH TOGETHER. A holy matrimony of breakfast sweets and savory fried things. And for the record, I ate the orange slice.

Mr. G also had a wonderful meal, the Yolk All-Star Breakfast. I was so glad he ordered it with the crepes because they were truly delightful. I will have to tell you, though, that the sausage links were surprisingly incredible. I would suggest the sausage links at Yolk 100% of the time. I don’t know what they are or why they’re so good, but they are and that’s good enough for me. Here’s a look at his strangely photogenic breakfast.

Yolk All-Star Breakfast

I would suggest waiting a few weeks before making your way to Yolk. The service was still getting their feet under them and they need some time to work out the kinks. But I’m confident once everything is running smoothly this will be a well-loved Dallas institution. God bless breakfast, y’all.

Yolk Dallas
1722 Wade Street, Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 855-9655

Natalie is a Pacific Northwest native but has lived in Chicago, Kansas and now Dallas. When she's not daydreaming about her next meal, her favorite activities include: reading all the books, binging on Netflix, adding too much butter to every recipe, and thinking of ways to spend summers in Tuscany.