Dear Smith & Forge,

I sort of hate to admit that I think most ciders are too sweet. But they sound like they’d be absolutely delicious (and really, they are). Ciders have been on the up and up for the past year or so, and I’ve read about some pretty awesome cider specific bars popping up around the nation, so they’ve got some cred.

And yes I’m guilty, I’ve teased cider-loving friends about drinking apple juice instead of beer (gosh, I’m so cool for liking beer… not), but I haven’t given up on cider-dom quite yet. So when I found myself with a couple Smith & Forge‘s on hand, I drank them down.

Guys, I really tried. I really did. But this line of Miller Coors cider pushed the sweet-o-meter a tad too high. I liked a lot about this cider: the crisp, yet mild, apple flavor; the perfect amount of carbonation; the chance to use my little chalice/glass/cup thingy (next on the list, learn which drinks belong in which glasses). But the sweetness overrode all the goodness. Maybe not ‘overrode’ so much as brought the experience to an even plane: I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. It was a drink.

But fear not cider fans. I will try again. We can’t force love between us, cider but we can tend to this fragile relationship. I have faith in how strong we are (I want to seek out some pear ciders next, if you have any recommendations).


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