Dear Pip’s Original Doughnuts

When I found out from my sister that you wanted to give me a free dozen of your deliciously crafted nutmeg, cardamom, and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla flavored mini pieces of heaven on my birthday, I started crossing off days on the calendar in child-like anticipation and dreaming of which toppings I would choose.

Mini birthday dozen of Pip's Original Doughnuts

On Saturday, I hopped in line at Pip’s Original Doughnuts and began picking the flavors I HAVE to have. While you do offer a Cinnamon and Sugar donut, I pick the following:

  • Your Raw Honey and Sea Salt donuts are like a three piece opera. At first, my mouth is blown away by how wonderfully simple the combination of honey and sea salt is and then your foundational flavors rush in and leave me wanting more. Next, the bourbon warms me down to my toes. The final act arrives with savoring the last honey-drenched bite. You have the perfect balance of sweet and salty; the depth of a sophisticated ball of dough and the messiness of carnival like food.
  • The Warm Nutella and Pink Himalayan Salt drizzled donut tastes like a warm chocolate hazelnut drink that ends much too quickly. The pairing of nutmeg with Nutella is genius and again so simple. And while Pip’s has determined it takes an average of 4.5 seconds to eat just one of you, I know it takes only 2.
  • The limited-time Vanilla Pear Butter donut seduces with a playful peaked top and wows with a puckered smoothness. However will I live with just a few of you? As I take my first bite, the world begins to spin and I love it. You have forever changed my expectation of anything with lemon butter.
  • And finally, the Candied Bacon and Maple donut promises to unseat the Maple Bacon Bar at Voodoo Doughnuts as the best doughnut ever—a brazen claim. Holy Mary Mother of God, your tiny size is deceiving. My first bite feels like I have bitten into a hot molten lava cake but instead of chocolate, I receive a maple bacon infused river of magma. While I am sure one bite meets my entire calorie intake for the day, I cannot stop at just one donut. And since I am eating you on my birthday, I have a free pass.

Pip's Original DoughnutsTo the geniuses at Pip’s, I want to personally thank you for resetting my taste buds, but mostly for the dozen mini gourmet birthday cakes that I can’t stop smiling about. My sister is also singing your praises over the masterfully paired Iced Emmylou Chai Tea Latte that was the perfect encore to her share of my birthday treasure. She now has a new reason to get up in the morning and foresees dreaming of the velvety floral spices in the future.

I look forward to visiting you again soon and trying your homemade ice cream on top of your glorious mini doughnuts.

Seriously, if you are in Portland, Oregon, get yourself over to Freemont St. and check out Pip’s. They also have several homemade chai tea lattes, ranging in flavors from a comforting hug to spicy sultriness that you can even try out in a flight. Pip’s is local, part of the community, and my favorite guilty pleasure stop.