Dear National Meatball Day,

Meat. Balls. Balls of meat. Meatballs. Flickr/jeffreyw

Meat. Balls. Balls of meat. Meatballs. Flickr/jeffreyw

 Some may doubt that all these days in honor of food aren’t real holidays. I say, who cares? I say, there aren’t enough days to celebrate all the amazing foods that we have in the world. I stand firm before you, declaring my love for meatballs.

Honestly, the Italians nailed so many fantastical categories of foods that I’m not surprised that they invented the meatball (did they? I attribute it to them, regardless). Eat them simply, perfect bites of protein atop the best pastas or breads, dancing in a shower of cheese before you dig in.

Or chefs get creative and put them on pizza, stews, a sub, toothpicks for appetizers or anything. If meatballs are involved, I want in.

So even if you’re not eating meatballs today, take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of meatballs by looking at each of these pictures and recipes:

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