Dear hot sauces,

Let’s discuss what makes hot sauce the best thing in the world: It’s spicy, it’s flavorful and that’s all you really need to know.

But if you wanted to know more, I’ll tell you what I think makes it so awesome. They’re the same but different. They’re the same as in, they’re all sauces, made from chiles that provide those burning tingles on your tongue (in a good way). Yet, each flavor is different: They can be sweet or savory and each is unique to the meal it belongs on. I would imagine you could put Sriracha on tacos or Cholula in Chinese food (yeah, I did that once). I’m sure you’d get the same burning sensation, but the flavor wouldn’t be quite right. It would be a tiny bit off, wouldn’t it?

There’s so much science behind it, I’d wager that each hot sauce was specified to match the dish it goes with (maybe not, but I think it makes food that much more magical). So thanks hot sauce, for being you.


Hot sauce is an integral part of food and life.

Hot sauce is an integral part of food and life.

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