Dear Food Wine Club: Dear wine tasting in Temecula,

Delicious wine over a beautiful Temecula vineyard.

Delicious wine over a beautiful Temecula vineyard.

It’s not really a secret: wine tasting is the best thing to do ever. You don’t have to be an oenophile – but that undoubtedly makes you cooler – to enjoy hanging out at a beautiful, rustic vineyard while sampling the oaky, full-bodied, fill-in-wine-adjective fruit juices of its labor.

Specifically, I visited Faulkner Winery. It might have been the calm vibe, the setting sun or the unseasonably warm December, but it was transcendent. A particular favorite was the Hot Lips mulled wine (yes, the irony of a mulled wine in Southern California is not lost on me but it was delicious). Add a piece of chocolate with the taste, and the evening is complete.


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