Dear flourless chocolate cake,

The only proper way to end 2013 is with chocolate cake from Pachamama's.

The only proper way to end 2013 is with chocolate cake from Pachamama’s.

When it comes to dessert, I say go big or go home. Don’t bother with Stevia or sugar substitutes, using gluten-free anything, low-fat whatever or anything with the word “skim” on it. Bring on the full-fat, full-sugar madness and don’t leave anything out.

But at a New Year’s Eve dinner at Pachamama’s, I had a flourless chocolate cake. As a novice baker, I thought, ‘How could this be?’ Turns out, it doesn’t matter: This cake was the cake of all cakes in all its cakey, cool, almost fudge-like texture and I don’t care why or how this decision was made (though not to mislead, leaving out flour isn’t always for health reasons). I can’t think of a better way to end 2013 than with the best chocolate cake.


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