Dear Cold Brewed Chocolate, You Are Like Hot Chocolate’s Older, More Sophisticated Sibling


Many moons ago, I learned of cold brewed coffee, a wonderful concoction in which coffee is brewed in cold water over the course of 10 or 12 hours, when it was mentioned in Cory Doctorow’s fantastic novel Homeland. Of course, I immediately had to put the book down, grind up half a cup’s worth of coffee beans and immerse them in two cups of water. As these were the days I worked night shift, I brought my brew with me and downed the whole thing 10 hours later… which was approximately 12:00 at night.

Those who have drank undiluted cold brew know what’s coming next. Little did I know, cold brewed coffee is highly concentrated. I wound up drinking an entire pot’s worth of caffeine in those two cups and then wondered why I was shaking when I went home an hour later. I, uh, don’t always think things through.

Nonetheless, cold brewed coffee is delicious (in moderation)–it’s stronger and less acidic than its traditionally brewed counterpart. I can thank Cory Doctorow for teaching me about it, which is why, when he posted an article about cold brewed chocolate on his blog the other day, I knew I had to try it.

The idea for cold brewed chocolate is the same as coffee, but with cacao nibs instead of coffee beans. It’s a simple combination of ground up cacao nibs, water and… wait–that’s it.

As for the taste, it, well, I imagine it’s an acquired taste. Imagine the darkest chocolate bar you’ve ever eaten, then imagine it’s more bitter than that. In other words, it’s like drinking cocoa powder. Not going to lie: it’s an acquired taste. But definitely one I could get used to. (I have a long history of forcing myself to like things–hot sauce, for example.)

I found that it’s quite good if you add almond milk to it. Bonus points if you make almond milk with the cold brewed chocolate-water (thanks to my mother for coming up with that one). Sweeteners are definitely an option, but I’m not about to ruin a good thing by pouring a ton of sugar in it. 

What I’m saying is, it definitely has possibilities. Go fourth and experiment! I definitely will be. 

Bianca is an almost-graduate of George Fox University. She is an amateur mycologist, fermento and pepperhead, and she could really go for a cup of coffee right about now.

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