Dear Brussels sprout pizza,

Brussels sprout pizza from Bon Appetit

Brussels sprout pizza recipe from Bon Appetit

An ode to Natalie - Brussels sprouts on a pizza

An ode to Natalie – Brussels sprouts on a pizza

I must admit, I subscribe to Bon Appetit mostly for the amazing photography – and sometimes, reading about preparing a delicious roast makes me feel this much closer to having actually done it. Mostly, I don’t feel apt to prepare such lovely dishes, but once in a while, I come across something too fun to pass up.

Pizza. With Brussels sprouts. And the extra bonus: Natalie is a Brussels sprout aficionado. What better way to honor her than making something with this severely underrated cabbage-like delight? True, it hardly compares to something she would have whipped up, but I must say, I quite enjoyed my foray into pizza-dom.

And really, how can you mess up something with bacon on it?


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