pear and cherry cobbler

Dear brunch cobbler,

pear and cherry cobbler

It was billed as good for ‘those who don’t like baking’ but I still loved making this cobbler.

It all started when we decided to have brunch on the rooftop. This Chicago summer has been unusually cool and extra rainy, so a beautiful sunny morning meant going outside and staying there. And what’s my favorite outdoor activity? Brunching.

But I wanted to change it up. We all know my love for bennies but it was a low maintenance kind of morning: no toting fragile eggs up to the roof. And Bon Appetit had the answer: brunch cobbler.

It’s billed as a ‘easy bake’ type of recipe. It’s kind of like kitchen sinking: Toss everything in a bowl, put it in a baking pan, then make some delicious dough that bakes up so fluffily and pop it on top. Done.

Pears are truly the forgotten fruit. Even when they’re not quite ripe, they bake so perfectly keeping that stiffness of something crunchy while being absolutely chewy at the same time. I also misread the label and got dried cranberries instead of cherries, but I feel like you could put any fruit in this and it would come out amazing. And when you reheat it, it’s like you just pulled it out of the oven again.

But if there’s one thing that really pulls this recipe together it’s the vanilla bean ice cream.


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