Dear Branding Iron (again),


You did it again. Stole our hearts. After a long afternoon of working the farm, you were waiting for us with a 16 ounce ribeye and the curliest of fries. Not to mention the most perfect Texas toast to ever exist. How you get it so buttery and crispy is beyond my comprehension. Oh, and did I forget to swoon over the frosty baby mug filled to the brim with the coldest beer I’ve ever had? We can’t get enough.  If you ever close, we’ll close too. You jump I jump, Jack.

Branding Iron
301 S. Brownie Blvd.
Scranton, KS

Natalie is a Pacific Northwest native but has lived in Chicago, Kansas and now Dallas. When she's not daydreaming about her next meal, her favorite activities include: reading all the books, binging on Netflix, adding too much butter to every recipe, and thinking of ways to spend summers in Tuscany.