Dear blackberries,

You’re a great berry but I’ve never gone on a hunt for you until this weekend. We woke up early (very, very early) on a beautiful Sunday morning, and spent hours maneuvering around heaps of bushes and thorns to pick the ripest blackberries Kansas land could offer. Tangy yet sweet, these fresh-off-the-bush berries leave the bloated, store-bought kind in the dust.

But what do you do with so many blackberries? Pies, of course. I saw a recipe for blueberry hand pies and decided that blackberries could easily be a delicious substitute. Sugar and lemon? Yes. Handmade pastry dough? Bring it!

This was my first personal, farm-to-table, made from scratch baking experience. And, it’s awesome. Thank you, blackberries.


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