Dear chocolate chip Oreo cookies,

Chocolate chip cookies with Oreo crumbles

Chocolate chip cookies with Oreo crumbles

I started on this sugary path to you when I found a coupon for a free package of Oreos at the grocery store. And for some reason, my brain thought, ‘What can I make with these?’

Forget that Oreos are good enough, sweet enough, delicious enough, diet-busting enough on their own, but I had the urge to use them on a grander palate of cookiedom. What resulted was cookie Inception.

Since I’m still kind of a newbie, my cookies looked a little different and came out crunchier, but they were still a hit at the office. I’ll take that.


Homemade Scones and Jam

Dear Scones and Jam,



It’s Tuesday. It’s cold. We’re at work.  For all intensive purposes, those three conditions mean scones and jam. Scone dough is a perfect contender for freezing and baking on ice-cold mornings such as this. Scones come in all flavors and varieties, but I prefer a sweet-cream scone, as it is a perfect companion to homemade or local jam. Though at neighborhood bakeries I’ve seen some scrumptious savory scones with bacon and cheese. Who could turn that down?

To get you started on your scone destiny, here are some recipes I suggest you try:

Dreamy Cream Scones

Melt-in-your-mouth Cream Scones

Classic English Scones

Irish Scones

Blueberry Scones


xoxo, N

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Dear Homemade Croissants,

Croissants On Cooling Rack

If you are thinking about climbing this mountain, here’s what you should know:

1. Clear your schedule. This will take most of the day.

2. Get good butter.

4. Read this recipe (or this one) 3 times even before getting the flour out of the pantry.

5. Double check you have all the ingredients.

6. Have “The French Chef” episode at close hand to reference technique.


Remember not to bite right into one directly out of the oven; much like homemade bread, they need a resting period.


Bon Appétit.

Dear blackberries,

You’re a great berry but I’ve never gone on a hunt for you until this weekend. We woke up early (very, very early) on a beautiful Sunday morning, and spent hours maneuvering around heaps of bushes and thorns to pick the ripest blackberries Kansas land could offer. Tangy yet sweet, these fresh-off-the-bush berries leave the bloated, store-bought kind in the dust.

But what do you do with so many blackberries? Pies, of course. I saw a recipe for blueberry hand pies and decided that blackberries could easily be a delicious substitute. Sugar and lemon? Yes. Handmade pastry dough? Bring it!

This was my first personal, farm-to-table, made from scratch baking experience. And, it’s awesome. Thank you, blackberries.


SavedPicture-201371511262.jpg SavedPicture-2013715112613.jpg