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Natalie and Alma

Natalie and Alma are two friends who love food and everything about it.

Dear Food was born in Lawrence, Kansas over tiramisu.

Original West Coasters who ended up in Lawrence together, Alma and Natalie spent their time exploring little (and not so little) Kansas towns through the delicious Midwestern food and drink. They weathered the dark, thunderous rainstorms during tornado season by baking cookies and homemade pizza.

One day, at a tiny Italian restaurant, Natalie looked at her plate and exclaimed, “Dear tiramisu, I’ve lived all the life I can live. Love, Natalie.” And that’s how Dear Food—writing love letters to our dishes—came to be.

Now, Natalie lives in Dallas and Alma in Chicago. But together and apart, they still share their favorite culinary discoveries. Together and apart, they aim to make this blog a place for food lovers of all kinds: chefs (amateur and professional), bakers, eaters, drinkers, makers, party planners and party attendees.

With the help of a few fellow food lovers, Dear Food is the imperfect blog for amateur gourmands.

Have suggestions? Want to contribute? Want to be our best friend? Contact us.


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